Explainable ML models provide Interpretability, making AI truly Assistive

Enterprise AI for Healthcare

We are built around AI. TomCareAI automates the hard problems around health data integration and data preparation for AI. Our AI Platform does the hard work so that healthcare analytics teams can focus on enabling BI and AI-powered ROI generating insights.

Build & Train AI across workflows


Our AI Platform has a rich, clinically validated feature library with 100s of healthcare attributes. Auto-generated by the underlying data pipeline, these features are ready for AI and ML model usage and provide a quick and easy way to develop AI-based use-cases.​


Our AI model engine allows stateless model scoring. This enables the hosting of models developed and trained on other data sets to be scored on our managed data pipeline. ​This helps in bringing in-house projects and experiments to production fostering innovation.​


AI platform allows for training datasets that reference the ingested data pipeline as well as public data sets. Training data sets are available in our AI model development workspace and allows sharing, monitoring, and tracking during model development and testing.​


With the capability to support real-time data feeds such as HL7 and IOMT data, our data pipeline aggregates streaming and batch data into an ML pipeline for model development, testing, and deployment. This enables a wide variety of real-time data use-cases​.


Our AI platform provides research-validated Phenotypes that enable segmentation of underlying data into common use-case applications, accelerates variation analysis, and enables agile experimentation & usage in model development, training, and testing.​


Our AI model management platform allows for model development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance across the lifecycle of a model. This enables data science teams to rapidly bring AI-based insights into production workflows seamlessly.​

BI to AI.


TomCareAI platform for digital health is at the core of a healthcare organization’s journey from BI to AI to ROI. TomCareAI platform brings a rich set of AI development features that allow for experimental model development as well as testing and production management of in-house developed models. Healthcare organizations can adopt AI within their workflows at their own pace.

We obsess over only one problem – how can we make healthcare better using AI